Use this screen to specify the alerts that will be sent as notification emails.

Alerts are divided into several groups, which cover the following:

Alert name Alert description
Audit Alerts  
User Login Notifications  
Daily Audit Summary  
System Alerts  
S.M.A.R.T. Failure  
RAID Alarm Sent when an alert is show in the alarm list in System > RAID Configuration
Disk Over Temp  
System Alert  
New Update  
Disk Storage Utilization  
Hardware Sensor  
System Settings Changed  
Replication Alerts  
Replication Failure Sent whenever a replication failure occurs
Replication Summary Report Summary of replication progress
Communication Failure  
License Alerts  
License Warning  
Communication Failure  
Backup/Restore Alerts  
Job Successful Sent whenever a backup or restore job completes successfully
Weekly Job Summary Summary of all backup and restore jobs during the previous week. Sent on Sunday morning
Lack of Job Progress Sent when a job has been running for some time without sending any data or visiting new files
Media Request Sent when the archive drive needs a new (empty) disk
Archive Completion Sent whenever an archive is completed
VM Auto Register Report  
Daily Appliance Report List of all jobs completed during the day and whether they were successful
Job Failed Sent whenever a backup or restore job fails