This section documents the Dashboard tab, which is basically allow monitoring of the CFA. The Dashboard tab will be the first screen to display when you log into your CFA once you have completed the quick start wizard. This screen has a number of widgets available to add to your display to customize your view to the information you want.


We have a number of widgets that will provide you with some statistics about your machine such as raid usage, recent job activity, replication transfer, etc. You can swap the widgets in and out and reorder them on your screen as you need. Which widgets you have loaded, and the order they are displayed in will be saved in a cookie so you do not have to reconfigure it each time you log in.

To add a widget to the display simply select a widget out of the list on the right of the screen and click the add button. The widgets will be added to the page in the order you add them in, with each new one being added to the right of the previously added widget. Each widget will have a title bar with a number of buttons that looks like the following:

The first two buttons will move the widget either left or right in the display so you can order the information presented in the way you feel is most convenient to you. The third button will refresh the information displayed in the widget. The fourth will give you a description of what information that widget displays. The last button will unload the widget from view and add it back to the list on the right.