Licensing for all Infrascale data protection solutions – which includes Infrascale OS application running on Infrascale CFAs – is based on the net capacity of the product you have purchased. The ‘net capacity’ of each offering equates to the total raw capacity minus the capacity allocations needed for standard RAID 5 configurations and archiving.

For example, your capacity license of 2.4 TB will be derived from 3.2 TB of raw capacity minus 400 GB for a RAID 5 setting, and minus 400 GB for archiving.

If you wish to upgrade your capacity license, you may not simply buy higher capacity hard drives and install them in your CFA. This course of action will void any warranties associated with your purchase. Instead, you must contact your Infrascale dealer and purchase a capacity license upgrade. This license upgrade includes our approved installation and configuration process.

For details concerning Infrascale capacity licenses, upgrades, and warranty offerings, please refer to the official Infrascale price list available from your Infrascale Reseller.