What is boot verification?

The Boot Verification section allows verifying DR Image and VM backups by automatically booting the last successful backup on the CFA.

notification_important It is available for Windows backups only, and only on the primary CFAs.

How to enable boot verification?

  1. Select Enable Boot Verification.

  2. Set the time interval when boot verification will run.

  3. Set the timeout.

  4. Click Apply to save settings.

Where to view boot verification results?

Results of the verification are shown in the CFA Management Console > Clients > Summary. They include a boot detection screenshot and a boot status.

info For Linux, only boot detection screenshot is available.
Boot status can also be unavailable for some Windows localizations.
Boot status Description
Successful Backup was successfully checked and booted by the boot verification service
Failed Boot verification failed due to either:
- time allotted to verification has expired (the backup could still be healthy and bootable); or
- other failures (contact Infrascale Support for assistance)
N/A Boot verification service did not find what to verify due to either:
- CFA was rebooted or the service was restarted; thus boot verification queue was cleared, and there is nothing to verify for now; or
- boot verification service is turned off
Unknown Boot verification service tried to verify an operating system other then Microsoft Windows

Boot verification reporting

Boot verification report is a part of the Daily Appliance Report.

To enable Daily Appliance Report:

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to the Settings tab.

  2. Click System Alerts in the Monitoring group.

  3. In the Backup/Restore Alerts group box, click Email to, and specify the details.