Wipe Data in the CFA Management Console > Settings > Security is now visible in the Advanced mode only

Enforced synthetic full backup for Windows clients if any HDD volume included in the backup job was defragmented since the last backup

Occasional failure to apply backup retention settings on the secondary (cloud) CFAs resulted in rapid disk space fill-up

Option to bridge network was missing in the network options when booting a DR image or a VM backup

CFA could occasionally lose connection to a Hyper-V host and all associated VMs

CFA couldn’t add connection to a Hyper-V cluster node with Failover Clustering feature installed but ClusSvc service not running

Ignyte DR engine skipped EFI partitions during backup because it couldn’t find the associated system volume

Occasional failure to show message logs for replicated jobs in the Management Console of some secondary CFAs

Boot verification status icons in the CFA Management Console > Clients > Summary

Boot verification status icons in the CFA Management Console > Boot > Active


Backup jobs could get stuck during the deduplication process due to the DDFS deadlock


Retention settings for the DR Image and VM backups now have the extended predefined ranges and are editable

Settings changed in the CFA Management Console > Settings > System Alerts would reset to defaults after some time

Inability to migrate to or change new retention settings for the DR Image and VM backups in the CFA Management Console > Clients > Edit

Retention scans failed to process the list of jobs on the CFA and to delete those past the retention period


Occasional failure to perform a DR Image or a Hyper-V incremental backup using the standard backup engine


Ability to export and import backup job schedules from and to the CFA

Ability to push client settings from the client context menu

Ability to set boot verification timeout

Beta version of the Ignyte DR engine

Critical notice if the CFA is running without DDFS (CFA Management Console > Dashboard > Notices widget)

Emails with replication alerts now include CFA UUIDs

Information if a Hyper-V VM is clustered (CFA Management Console > Clients > Hyper-V > Clustered column)

Information if the CFA RAID is encrypted (CFA Management Console > Settings > Appliance Status > RAID Info)

IPMI MAC and IP addresses, if applicable (CFA Management Console > Settings > Network Status)

Name of the network, in which the machine was booted (CFA Management Console > Boot > Active > Network column)

Name or IP address of the VM host (CFA Management Console > Clients > Summary > VM HOST column)

New default retention settings for DR Image backups (CFA Management Console > Settings > Default Retention Policy)

Summary of the local and remote retention settings for backup jobs (CFA Management Console > Clients > Summary > Job Retention and Offsite Job Retention columns)

Log of the VMware VM backup jobs now contains information about the skipped independent persistent disk

Ability to migrate the existing DR Image backups to the new retention settings

Ability to seed backup data from a primary CFA to an external USB hard drive to transfer the data to a datacenter offline

Ability to upload a custom SSL certificate instead of creating a self-signed one

Ability to wipe the CFA (erase data completely and permanently, reset to the default settings, unregister from the Dashboard, unregister from the cloud infrastructure, and re-initialize)

Option to wipe the cloud secondary CFA when wiping the primary one

All newly added clients with DR Image backups use new default retention settings

Newly created CFA self-signed certificates are now valid for 3 years

Default email notifications and alerts sent by the CFA

Updated vCFA for VMware to hardware version 9 with ESXi 5.1 support

VMware VM backup will automatically switch to full if the VM configuration changes

Redesigned CFA Quick Start Wizard to be more streamlined and user-friendly

DDFS-AR is always enabled now

Disabled automatic Online DDFS Compact

Improved logic behind replication of only last successful job of the day

Name of the default retention policy per CFA in ConnectWise

CFA would stop all operations if it didn’t communicate with the billing server

Hyper-V VM duplicated the client on the CFA when migrating between cluster nodes

vCFA for Hyper-V didn’t run on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

After the CFA firmware update, the Immediately Delete Erred Jobs option became disabled (CFA Management Console > Jobs > Settings)

After migrating a client to the new retention settings, the Apply button wasn’t available (CFA Management Console > Clients > Edit)

Automatically canceled backup jobs increased CFA memory consumption

DR Backup Agent didn’t show the list of Microsoft SQL Server databases due to request timeout

DR Backup Agent installation forced reboot of the target client running Windows Server 2012 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 installed

Block Level Deduplication Savings widget showed incorrect data (CFA Management Console > Dashboard)

CFA closed an active support tunnel due to slow network connection

CFA firmware update could be time-consuming due to slow internal file copy operations

CFA occasionally lost connection to the DR backup agent on a Hyper-V host

DDFS stopped responding when trying to read/write more than 512 files simultaneously

Occasional accidental CFA configuration activation

Incorrect SNMP settings (CFA Management Console > Settings > SNMP)

DR Image backup job could stay as pending infinitely in rare cases

Excessive memory consumption by internal CFA processes

Failure to register a VMware VM with only numbers in its name

If ESXi was shut down, VMware VMs connected to vCenter showed incorrect status (CFA Management Console > Clients > VMware)

Ignyte DR engine didn’t back up disks with bad sectors

Incorrect open support tunnel (CFA Management Console > Dashboard > Notices widget)

Incremental VMware VM backup failed after shrinking VM’s virtual disk

Incremental VMware VM backup failed if the latest backup job was pushed back from the secondary CFA

Miscount of the saved bytes for incremental VMware VM backups (CFA Management Console > Jobs > History > Saved Bytes column)

Negative free space value on the Storage bar if the license was lower than the RAID space

Outbound access option in the DR LAN settings didn’t apply by default even if turned on (CFA Management Console > Boot > Orchestration > LAN)

Replication couldn’t be started or stopped on the secondary CFA occasionally

Retention settings didn’t apply to some backup jobs occasionally

Inconsistent retention settings on the primary and on the secondary CFAs

Sorting of clients by retention settings (CFA Management Console > Clients > Summary)

Swapped EXTRA and FAILED_VERIFICATION remote status filters (CFA Management Console > Replication > Replicated Jobs)

VMware connections couldn’t be shown if a VM didn’t have additional properties

VMware VM backup failed when saving hardware configuration

DR Image backup using the Ignyte engine had false positive results for volumes with invalid layout

Successful backup jobs could occasionally be reported as canceled in the Dashboard

Isolated on a private subnet option was unavailable when booting backups on some CFA models

Registration of a Hyper-V VM could occasionally take up to 30 minutes

SNMP could crash when retrieving metric data

Replication with byte-level delta compression

CFA Management Console UI

System tab was renamed to Settings

Backups section on the Settings tab

Security section on the Settings tab

Release Notes link in the Help menu

Documentation link in the Help menu

Help buttons for Wipe Data, Appliance Network Share, and Audit Log on the Settings tab

Help link for the DR Image backup engines in Clients > Edit

All subtabs related to jobs on the Server tab were moved to the Jobs tab

Server > Storage subtab was renamed to Deduplicated File System and moved to the Settings tab

Default Retention Policy, Unreferenced Data, Shared File Sets, and Job Schedules were moved from the Clients tab to the Settings tab

Clients > Settings was renamed to Automatic Job Management and moved to the Settings tab

Clients > Software was renamed to Downloads and moved to the Settings tab

Server > Reporting was moved to the Settings tab

Link to download the bare-metal restore disk image was moved from Support > Portal > What’s New to Settings > Downloads

Submit Support Request section on the Support tab

All help buttons on the Settings tab now lead to this Documentation Portal

Password, Remote Access, Certificate, and Wipe Data were moved to Settings > Security

HTTPS-only option was moved to Settings > Certificate

Updated and edited descriptions of the fields and section in Clients > Edit

Double-clicking Audit Log on the Settings tab could break UI and layout

Inconsistent presentation of the Storage bar and the respective notices for the same disk space thresholds in the CFA Management Console

Downloads section on the Settings tab was empty after update to v7.0

Missing icon in Clients > Edit > Boot group

Orchestration tab wasn’t visible on some CFA models

Missing boot verification result icon in Clients > Summary and Boot > Active when browsing with Google Chrome 77.0.3865

Server tab

What’s New section in Support > Portal

Link to the knowledge base article in Jobs > Retention