Audit Log provides information about the CFA system events.

This information includes the following event details:

Date Date and time of the event
User Name of the user, who raised the event
Event Type of the event
Client IP IP address of the client, from which the event was raised
Result Result of the event (Succeeded/Failed)
Details Further relevant information about the event

View log

To view the log, sign in to the CFA Management Console, go to the System tab, and then click Audit Log in the Monitoring group.

Logged events

Audit Log records the following events:

  • Sign In
  • Sign Out
  • Power on VM
  • Shutdown VM
  • Boot VM
  • Reboot VM
  • Wake up VM
  • Unplug VM
  • Reset VM
  • Delete VM
  • SSH Connect
  • SSH Disconnect
  • Delete Job
  • Delete Client

Filter events

To filter events, click Filters in the upper right part, and specify one or more of the following options:

  • Date, to show events within the given date range

    infoIf you specify only Start Date, it will show events, which occurred on this date only. If you specify only End Date, it will show all events, which occurred before and on this date.
  • User, to show events raised by a given user
  • Event, to show events of a given type

    infoInput text is case-sensitive.
  • Result, to show events with a given result

To disable filters, click Clear in the upper right part.

Sort events

To sort events in ascending or descending order, click the name of a column with the desired parameter.

Email notifications

To enable Audit Log email notifications:

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to the System tab.

  2. Click System Alerts in the Monitoring group.

  3. In the Audit Alerts group box, click Email to, and specify the details.