• You see an error message like the following in the Message Logs of a backup:
    "bsock.c:184 Unable to connect to Storage daemon on ERR=Connection refused"
  • You may also see warnings in "View Notices" like:
    "storage space critically low /raid"
    "storage space critically low /root full"
    "storage space critically low /var/log full"


This error message typically appears when the RAID is full and no additional jobs can be added. The CFA does not automatically overwrite older jobs, so any new jobs will fail if there is not enough space to store them.

Please see the kb article "How to Clear Space on RAID" for more information on how to clear space on the RAID.
Note: if you see " storage space critically low /raid/:catalogs:" this is a different error message involving space on the database and will require additional assistance. Please [contact]({:target='\_blank'} Infrascale Support.