Error message

Message logs in the Management Console of the cloud failover appliance (CFA) show the following error:

bsock.c:184 Unable to connect to Storage daemon on ERR=Connection refused

You may also see the following warnings in the Notices widget on the Dashboard tab:

insufficient storage space on /raid
storage space critically low /raid
storage space critically low /root full
storage space critically low /var/log full


If you see storage space critically low /raid/:catalogs: or primary database is inaccessible, this is a different error relating to the database space. Contact Infrascale Support.


This error message shows when the RAID is full and no extra jobs can be added. The CFA does not automatically overwrite older jobs, so any new job fails if the CFA does not have enough space to store them.

Steps to resolve

To resolve this issue, clear space on the CFA disks.