Backup Job seems to hang up or gets stuck either in Server > Active Jobs, or Clients > Summary under the “Active Jobs” column. Possibly other jobs are waiting behind these backup jobs.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Go to Server > Active Jobs > right-click the Job and Select “Client Properties” > Note what file the job seems to be hung up on.

    Note: It’s possible that the job is performing very slowly rather than completely hung up. Monitor the Client Properties window for a moment to ensure the client is completely hung up.

  2. Go to Server > Active Jobs > right-click the Job and Select “Message Logs” > Note if there are any errors in the Message Logs.

  3. Go to System/Support > Diagnostics > View “server.xml” logs to see if there are any error messages associated with this client and backup.

  4. Restart Services on either the Agent (server side) the CFA or both.

    For more information on how to properly do this, see How to restart backup service on the CFA or agent.

If the client seems to hang up repeatedly:

Again, note which file the client seems to be hanging up on, especially if it’s the same file each time. (See Client Properties above.)

  1. Go to Clients > Edit > Select the affected client > Select the “Pencil” button under Backup > Fileset.

    • Check to see if “VSS” is enabled and if “Include Writers” is also enabled.

      If yes, follow the troubleshooting steps found in the “Backup Job Hangs (stuck) – VSS writer issue on the server” knowledge base article.

      If not, contact Infrascale Support.

Other things to consider

Waiting for Media

Server > Active Jobs > job > Status

If “Waiting for Media” > right-click job > Message Logs

Review any error messages present.

Note: There’s a possibility this could be tied to database problems. If so, please contact Infrascale Support.

System State backup (ntbackup) running out of space (Note: This only affects older versions. 3.4+ OS version uses VSS for System State Backup, not ntbackup)

Server > Active Jobs > right-click job > Message Log

If the last message is: CLIENT-FileIO: WSS: System state will be saved to C:\Program Files\RVX-Backup\sysstate\systemstate.bkf.

Clients > Summary > right-click client > Properties

If there’s no current file (it may say ‘null’):

When looking at the Message Logs, if the client appears to be hanging in systemstate backup. The most likely cause is ntbackup running out of space, or some other error, and hanging. Please check the C: drive for space and the event log for other possible ntbackup errors. You can also log into session 0 and see if ntbackup has popped up an error dialog.

Note: If you’re unable to create enough space, you can disable System State backup using Configure Backup > System State, and clearing the option there.