Warning message

Duplicate VMware connections have been eliminated. Review your connections.
Example warning message in the Management Console of the cloud failover appliance
Example warning message in the Dashboard

Warning description

The VMware host sends a command to the cloud failover appliance (CFA), and the CFA interprets the command as a duplicate connection from the same VMware host.

To prevent any complications for the backup sets, their schedules and data consistency, the CFA automatically removes all artifacts related to the connection, and shows the respective message.

Steps to resolve

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to ClientsVMware.

  2. Check for the duplicate connections from the same VMware host.

  3. Check for the duplicate virtual machines and the respective clients.

  4. On the Dashboard tab, click the warning in the Notices widget.

    The system will immediately clear the warning from the CFA, and also from the Infrascale Dashboard in five minutes.