Failed backup job verification

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Summary: Steps to resolve the issue with failed verification of a backup job.

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If you see a backup job with FAILED_VERIFICATION status in the Management Console of the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) in ReplicationReplicated Jobs, you can try and resolve this as described below.

Reconcile secondary CFA

Firstly, you can try to reconcile the associated secondary CFA. For this:

  1. Log in to the Management Console of the primary CFA.

  2. On the ReplicationStatus subtab, click the Reconcile Secondary button.

  3. Let the reconciliation process the data that might need to be transferred.

  4. Let the replication transfer the reconciled data difference.

Replicate backup jobs again

If reconciliation of the secondary CFA did not help to resolve the issue, you can try to re-replicate the job. For this:

  1. Log in to the Management Console of the primary CFA.

  2. On the ReplicationReplicated Jobs subtab, click Filters on the toolbar.

  3. Click Remote Status, and then clear everything but FAILED_VERIFICATION.


    In Disaster Recovery 6.17.2, FAILED_VERIFICATION and EXTRA filters are swapped around. Thus, to show jobs with FAILED_VERIFICATION status, you have to select the EXTRA filter, and vise versa.
  4. Right-click the desired job, and then click Restart Replication.


If none of the above helped, contact Infrascale Support.

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