Error. The specified network name is no longer available

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Error message

Message logs in the Management Console of the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) show the following disaster recovery image backup error:

DR Image Backup Failure: redstone.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: A network error occurred.
BeforeJob: A failure has occurred, Job is terminating.
* VimSdk component failed on the agent machine. Win32 error: 0x00000064 The specified network name is no longer available.

Error description

This error usually indicates an unstable connection between the client-server and the CFA when backup attempts to be uploaded onto the SMB share on the CFA. In most of the cases that issue is caused by the SMB1 protocol used on the client, which proved to be unreliable and not secure.

Steps to resolve

To fix this, disable the SMB1 protocol.