Error. Archive Library needs appendable media

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Error message

Archive Library needs appendable media

Steps to resolve

If an archive job is waiting for appendable media, it needs to be swapped out with a new drive because there is no space left on the current drive.

Sometimes, the archive process needs to be restarted because jobs on the archive drive were deleted rather than a new disk being swapped out, or if a new drive has been swapped out, but the archiving jobs do not seem to be progressing.

Restarting the archive process:

  1. On the right side of ArchiveLibraries, there is a hard drive image with information about the drive. To the left of this information is a green check mark.

  2. Select the “green check”.

    This will “offline” the archive drive.

    A “red X” will take the place of the “green check”. Select the “red X” (causing it to change to a “green check” again) to resume the archive process.

    This will make sure that the archive does not get canceled.

If the archive job still does not resume:

  1. To the right of the drive information in ArchiveLibraries, there is a hard drive icon. When you rollover this image, Manage Disk will appear.

  2. Select the Manage Disk icon. Click Prepare disk for removal. Scan the drive again.

If the archive job still does not resume:

  1. The archive job will need to be canceled and any jobs that were in the list to be archived will need to be manually archived.

  2. Cancel the archive job under ArchiveLibraries by selecting Cancel/Clear Archive Process.

  3. Manually archive the remaining jobs:

    1. Go to ArchiveLibrariesManually Archive Jobs.

    2. Select the jobs you want to archive.

    3. Confirm to begin the archive process.

During manual archiving, the Mark Media As Archive option will turn the archive drive into a READ-ONLY format after archiving. With this option selected, the drive must be formatted again before additional archive jobs can be written to it. Do not select this option unless you wish the archive drive to be READ-ONLY after the manual archiving.