Email notifications are not received.
You see something like the following error messages when setting up email in System > Settings:
"Could not sent e-mail notifications, please check settings: Could not connect to SNTP host: port 25, nested exception is Connection timed out."

"Can not send email notifications, please check settings: Invalid Addresses; nested exception is: javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 rejecting spoofed message"
"Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25"
There are many different error messages, and usually those error messages will help to shed light on what the source of the issue is.
You are using one of your email servers rather than the "localhost" option, which sends notification emails from the CFA itself.
Often, these errors are related to settings on the Email Server in use. Rather than using a separate e-mail server, try using localhost in the 'Email Server" field, leaving the username and password fields below blank.
By default, the CFA will use the localhost to send the e-mail message directly from the CFA.
To troubleshoot and diagnose the errors while still using your own Email Server, try the following:
  • Go to Support > Diagnostics > ping the IP address of the e-mail server you are using
    • If pinging fails, try to traceroute to the same IP to determine where the disconnect occurs
  • Check and/or reset the relay policies on the SMTP server
    • If possible, reboot that server or restart those services
  • Add another e-mail address to the "Email To" field that uses a different e-mail server than the one currently in use. (Gmail, etc.)
    • Does the new e-mail address receive the "Test Email"?