Go to the Clients / Summary page and grouped clients by the status column and was able to produce this simple table

Here is the breakdown of clients by Client Status:

  • (?) Address not resolved - 1
  • (-) Agent not running - 16
  • (!) Running but cannot communicate - 7
  • (-) Down or unreachable - 16
  • Green check, Communicating - 27

Here is how we recommend resolving those statuses. Assuming the goal is to have them all with a green check mark:

  • (?) Address not resolved - 1

This status is typically resolved by correcting the name in the address field. Basically, the CFA is unable to resolve the name to an address and so we will not be able to communicate. You might confirm that the name is actually resolvable over the network, you may also replace the name with the IP address. Additionally, you may need to confirm the correct DNS servers under the System / Settings tab.

  • (-) Agent not running - 16
    1. The first step here is to confirm whether or not the the Backup Agent is actually running. The Windows Services tool is a great place to check this. You could also check by using the "Configure Backup" tool accessed via the start menu.
    2. If the agent claims to be running, recommend restarting the service/agent.
    3. If the agent still will not start, confirm that the configuration file is in place.
    4. Use the RVXConfig tool and run the wizard
  • Can the client and CFA ping each other?
  • Check the event logs for any errors regarding the RvxBRAgent starting or stopping
    If the client is a Windows 2008 machine and there is a message that reads " service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly."
    Please see [Microsoft Docs](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2008-R2-and-2008/cc756339\(v=ws.10\)){:target=\_blank}
  • Verify, in the Task Manager, that RVXBRagent and bacula are running. You will need to check that you want to show processes from all users.
  • Confirm that the port in use by the agent (default 9102) is not blocked in any way
  • Firewall? Antivirus? Other programs? Unusual networking?
    • If an exception needs to me made in the firewall, our RVXBRagent needs port 9103 and the bacula process needs port 9102
  • Using a telnet command, from Diagnostics > Run, can help determine if something is blocking the port that the client is running on. telnet [client address] [port (9102, for instance)
  • You might simply try uninstalling and reinstalling the agent
    • If the agent in question is a few revs old, try installing a newer version
  • Escalate and document any new discoveries
  • (!) Running but cannot communicate - 7
    This is almost always a problem with the passwords not matching. The password in the configuration file (also displayed in the RVXConfig tool) must match the password in the Clients / Edit page. Confirm that the passwords match and then restart the service.

If that does not do the trick, there could also be a firewall or antivirus in the way. Please check to see if anything is blocking traffic.

This can also happen if the wrong client version is installed (64bit client on 32bit OS, for instance).

Sometimes the default port (9102) is not working and it is necessary to change this on both the RVXConfig side as well as the Clients > Edit side (9204, for instance).

Lastly, if none of this helps, the installation could have issues and you may need to just uninstall and re-install.

  • (-) Down or unreachable - 16
    This status may be the result of a number possibilities, it may be that the client machine is not actually connected to the network or not powered on at all. This may also be a problem with the Windows firewall blocking the bacula-fd service. An exception to the firewall is usually the recommended solution. This status may also be caused if the configuration file is not in place at all or if the agent software has not been installed. Ensure that everything is installed as it should be and restart the service.
Read about Client Status Resolution - "Backup Agent running but cannot communicate" here.