In the CFA Management Console › ClientsSummary, the client shows a white and red triangle indicating that the disaster recovery backup agent is running but is unable to communicate.

Issue description

This is almost always a problem with the passwords not matching. The password in the configuration file (also displayed in the RVXConfig tool) must match the password in the CFA Management Console › ClientsEdit.

Steps to resolve

Confirm that the passwords match and then restart the service.

Another way to confirm the passwords match between the client and the agent is to download the configuration from the client and apply it to the agent.

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to ClientsSummary.

  2. Right-click the client, and then select Download Config in the context menu.

  3. Copy the downloaded configuration file bacula-fd.conf to C:\Program Files\RVX-Backup.

Possible alternative causes

A firewall or antivirus is affecting communication.

Please confirm no outside factors are blocking communication between the CFA and the client.

The wrong client version is installed (for example 64-bit client on a 32-bit operating system).

Rarely, the default port (9102) is not working, and it is necessary to change this on both the RVXConfig side, as well as in ClientsEdit.

Try changing the port to 9204 (for example).

If none of the above options help, there could have been a problem with the initial installation of the agent. Uninstall and install the agent again.