Client does not run scheduled backups

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  • A client does not run a scheduled backup

  • A manual backup appears to run successfully

  • No scheduled backup appears in JobsScheduled Jobs for the affected client

Things to check

  • Make sure the client has a schedule enabled under ClientsEdit (you can also see this information in ClientsSummary under the Schedule Column)

  • Look over the schedule in SettingsBackupsJob Schedules to confirm the schedule has the proper schedules configured for backups

  • Check the CFA time in SettingsBasicAppliance Status, and change it to match the servers if needed by going to SettingsBasicDate/Time

Steps to resolve

This issue is commonly attributed to something getting hung up during the initial client configuration.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it is recommended to create a new client and test to see if the same behavior is observed with the new client.

Also, you may try applying the different schedule to the client, click Apply, then Activate configuration, apply the required schedule, and activate it.