Customer modifies a bunch of media files between backups and complains regarding longtime upload with every backup job. These files may be excluded from caching due to following reasons: a file extension is skipped by Intellicache in the configuration file or file size is not between 1 MB - 5 GB default cache thresholds.

1 -
In a case of the customer requires the ability to cache file extensions which are skipped from caching.
Above Mentioned extension are skipped from caching by default:
The customer is able to modify file extensions which will be cached.
Aforementioned settings are located in 'SStorage.exe.config' configuration file, located
at: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Online Backup and Recovery Manager\" path

SStorage.exe configuration file path

User can delete required extensions from the skip list
<add key="UA_CacheSkipExtensions" value="ext1,ext2..."/ >
SStorage.exe configuration file

2 -
Change minimum and maximum cached filesizes (default cached sizes are 1 MB .. 5 GB):
Minimum size (in KyloBytes) of files being cached:
<add key="UA_IntelliCacheFloorThresholdInKB" value="1024" / >
Maximum size (in KyloBytes) of files being cached:
<add key="UA_IntelliCacheCeilingThresholdInKB" value="5242880" / >

MANDATORY: after modifications #1 and #2 Offsite Online Backup Service should be restarted to apply the changes.

Starting from OBRM version 6.9, the size range of files which should be processed by Intellicache can be specified via the client interface only.

Navigate to Menu > Advanced options > Caching options