Windows limits the length of a path and/or file name to 256 characters. This error may be most likely to occur when doing a restore with the original file path option 'checked.'

The solution below is an example of how the file path can be shortened.
1. Create a folder with just one letter at any local drive e.g. C:\a or D:\a or E:\a
Note: "a" is the folder name you need to create manually using windows explorer
2. Login into online backup application with your backup account credentials
3. Go to Restore tab
4. Click "Online Restore"
5. Wait until "Refresh" is completed
6. Click "Next" button
7. Expand the computer and choose the file(s) / folder(s) you want to recover
8. Click Next
9. Choose "New Location"
10. Specify the location you created earlier e.g. C:\a OR D:\a or E:\a
Note: This is the folder where all your recovered files will be placed once recovery completed
11. Disable the check box "Include original path"
12. Click "Finish"

NOTE: All the files you have selected for recovery will be placed at the destination folder you have provided above once recovery completed