Replicate only last successful job of the day

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This option allows you to reduce the overall replication workload on the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA).

It applies to the disaster recovery (DR) image backup jobs (full and synthetic full) on the physical clients, and to all backup jobs (full and synthetic full) on the virtual machine (VM) clients.

How it works

When enabled, the CFA scans the replication queue (see ReplicationReplicated Jobs tab), detects all successful non-replicated jobs of the client, and replicates only the job, which started last on the day, while skipping others.

The process starts each day at 11:59 PM (CFA time).

Right after you enable this option, the CFA will perform this process for all previous days.

If the job is still running at the time the process starts, the CFA will note that job and suspend the process for the given day until the job is completed (this does not affect the following days).

If you disable this option, this will make the CFA to scan the entire replication queue, detect all jobs skipped when the option has been enabled, and mark them to be replicated again.

How to enable

In the CFA Management Console:

  1. Go to ClientsEdit.

  2. Select the desired client.

  3. In the Offsite group, select Replicate only last successful job of the day.

  4. Click Apply to save changes.

  5. Сlick Activate configuration so the changes take effect.

Steps to enable