Intelligent Platform Management Interface configuration

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) provides remote access to multiple users at different locations for networking. It also lets the system administrator to monitor system health and manage Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) events remotely.

There are no specific instructions to set the IPMI up. Firstly IPMI should be enabled in BIOS and allocated with the IP address. You should also have the IPMI cable attached to the IPMI interface. (Refer to the CFA Quick Start Guide to find where the IPMI port is.)

For details on setting up and configuring IPMI, see Supermicro IPMI Configuration through BIOS or Web Interface.

Once this has been set up, go to https://[IPMI IP address], and log in using the following credentials:

  • username: ADMIN;

  • password: default password as generated randomly and set by Supermicro.

    You can find the password printed on the sticker on the CFA casing or on its motherboard.

    IPMI password location Example location of the IPMI password

We strongly recommend changing the default IPMI password for security reasons.

If you ever reset the IPMI password, it will reset to the default password as set initially by Supermicro.