The CFA is not set up to make copies of the Archive disks. In order to do this you will need to import jobs from the Archive disk back to the CFA, then insert the new disk and re-archive them.

To do this:

  • Turn off job recycling via Jobs > Settings "Automatic Job Management" otherwise the CFA will see the old jobs and immediately begin to recycle them
  • Once this is done you will need to insert the old archive disk
  • Click View Archive Jobs and verify that there is enough space on the RAID for the jobs you would like to copy over
  • Then select each and choose 'Import Selected Archive Jobs'
  • You will need to wait for each job to finish Importing, which will be shown in Server > Importing Jobs
  • When this is finished you can use Prepare for Removal on the old archive disk, then insert the new one
  • Once the disk is recognized jobs can be copied over via Archive > Libraries by choosing the 'Archive Jobs' button (if you do not see this button chances are you will need to Clear Archive Processes). This will display a list of jobs currently on the RAID which you can then select and Archive.

Remember to re-enable "Automatic Job Management" to recycle the old jobs from the RAID.