Status icon Status text
Client is down or unreachable

This status indicates one of the following immediate issues has emerged:

  • client is not turned on
  • client is not on the network
  • firewall is blocking the bacula-fd service
  • configuration file is missing
  • agent is not installed



To resolve the issues that raised this status, verify and fix (if needed) the following:

Ports 9102 and 9103 are open for the affected client
Check your firewall and antivirus settings. Also, check if other third-party applications use these ports.
Passwords in the Backup Agent and on the CFA match
1. In the CFA Management Console, go to Clients > Summary.

2. Click the affected client, and then click Edit.

3. In the General group, see the Password box.

4. Open the Backup Agent on the affected client.

5. On the Appliance tab, see the Bacula Password box.
Services are up and running on the affected client
1. Open the Run command (press Win+R on the keyboard).

2. Enter services.msc to open Windows Services Manager.

3. Check if the following Infrascale services are running (see the Status column).


If neither of the above options helped to resolve the issue, please contact Infrascale Support.