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SOS.SDK.Contracts.DataContracts.Requests Namespace

This namespace contains all Requests for executing Infrascale Service operations.
Public classAuthorizedRequest
Base class for all request that require authorization.
Public classCancelJobRequest
Request for Job cancellation.
Public classCancelOnlineBackupRequest
Request for cancellation of the current backup session.
Public classGetAccountInfoRequest
Request for getting current user account information.
Public classGetApplicationSettingsRequest
Get the application settings
Public classGetJobSessionRequest
Request for getting the Job session operation.
Public classGetJobSessionsRequest
Request for the getting Job Sessions operation.
Public classGetLogLevelRequest
Request for getting current log level.
Public classGetOnlineBackupSettingsRequest
Request for the getting existing Online Backup settings from the settings storage operation.
Public classGetRecoveryItemsRequest
Request for the getting recovery items operation.
Public classGetUserSettingsRequest
Request for getting user account setting operation.
Public classIsMSExchangePresentRequest
Request for checking if MSExchange is present on this system.
Public classIsMSSqlPresentRequest
Request for checking if MSSql is present on this system.
Public classPauseOnlineBackupRequest
Request to pausing the current backup session.
Public classRemoveOnlineBackupSettingsRequest
Contains parameters for removing Online Backup settings from the settings storage.
Public classResumeOnlineBackupRequest
Request for resuming Online Backup session after pause.
Public classRunBackupJobRequest
Base type for all Backup Job requests.
Public classRunJobRequest
Base request for all operations leading to the creation of a new Job.
Public classRunOnlineBackupJobRequest
Request for running Online Backup Job with existing settings.
Public classRunRecoveryJobRequest
Request for starting the recovery Job.
Public classRunRefreshRecoveryInfoJobRequest
Request for starting refreshing the Recovery Info.
Public classScanNtfsVolumeJobRequest
Request for starting NTFS Volume scanner Job.
Public classScheduleImageStreamBackupLoadRequest
Parameters of the loading of the ImageStream Backup Schedule.
Public classScheduleLoadRequest
Base class for requests for loading of the schedule task.
Public classScheduleUpdateNotifierRequest
Schedule UpdateNotifier launch parameters.
Public classScheduleWithAccountNameRequest
Base class for requests with Backup Account Name.
Public classSetInternetSettingsRequest
Set internet (Proxy) settings request.
Public classSetLogLevelRequest
Request for setting logging level.
Public classSetOnlineBackupSettingsRequest
Contains parameters for saving Online Backup settings to the settings storage.
Public classSignInRequest
Request for the sign in operation.
Public classSignOutRequest
Request for signing out operation.
Public classSubscribeCallbackRequest
Request for subscribing to the Infrascale Service events.
Public classUnscheduleBaremetalBackupRequest
Parameters of the deletion of Baremetal Backup Schedules.
Public classUnscheduleExchangeBackupRequest
Parameters of the deletion of Exchange Backup Schedules.
Public classUnscheduleFullAndIncrementalRequest
Base class for parameters of the deletion of the schedules with full and incremental options.
Public classUnscheduleImageStreamBackupRequest
Parameters of the deletion of ImageStream Schedules.
Public classUnscheduleMSSqlBackupRequest
Parameters of the deletion of MSSql Backup Schedules.
Public classUnscheduleOnlineBackupRequest
Parameters of the deletion of OnlineBackup Scheduled Tasks.
Public classUnsubscribeCallbackRequest
Request for unsubscribing from the Infrascale Service events.
Public classUpdateServerAuthTokenRequest
Request for update ServerAuthToken for the Account.