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SOS.SDK.Contracts.DataContracts.Jobs.Recovery Namespace

This namespace contains all RecoveryJob related Infrascale Service DataContracts.
Public classFileVersionContract
Description of the one version of the backed up file (from Recovery Info).
Public classRecoveryDirectoryContract
Description of the directory, containg files and/or another directories.
Public classRecoveryFileContract
Description of the file to recovery.
Public classRecoveryFilterContract
Description of the filter for recovery operation.
Public classRecoveryItemContract
Base type for the recovery item.
Public classRecoveryJobSessionContract
Recovery Job details including RecoveryProgress.
Public classRecoveryProgressContract
Description of the recovery operation progress.
Public classRecoverySystemContract
When several devices backed up files to the same user account, System - is a root level for all files from each one device.