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SOS.SDK.Contracts.DataContracts.Jobs.Backup Namespace

This namespace contains all BackupJob related Infrascale Service DataContracts.
Public classBackupJobProgressContract
Contains information about progress of the Backup Job in general.
Public classBackupJobSessionContract
Contains information about Backup Job session.
Public classFilesetContract
Description of the BackupSet content.
Public classFilesetDirContract
Description of the directory.
Public classFilesetExcludeItemContract
Description of the excluded filesystem item.
Public classFilesetFileContract
Description of the file.
Public classFileStateContract
Describes the state of the file currently being processed.
Public classNetShareContract
Description of the Network Share.
Public classOnlineBackupJobProgressContract
Contains information about progress of the Online Backup Job.
Public classOnlineBackupJobSessionContract
Contains information about Online Backup Job session.
Public classOnlineBackupSettingsContract
Container with Online Backup settings for saving / loading.
Public enumerationBackupFaultReasonResultContract
Qualified faults of the Backup Job.