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SOS.SDK.Contracts.DataContracts.Enums Namespace

This namespace contains all Enumeration DataContracts.
Public enumerationBackupScheduleTypes
Schedule Types.
Public enumerationBackupStatesContract
States of the Backup Job.
Public enumerationCacheLevelContract
Caching levels.
Public enumerationConflictResolutionContract
Sets how the file conflicts should be handled.
Public enumerationHDMInstalledResults
IsHDMInstalled result enumeration.
Public enumerationLogLvlContract
Logging level.
Public enumerationLogonTypesContract
Public enumerationMessageTypeContract
Message types.
Public enumerationMonths
Months of the year enumeration
Public enumerationRecoveryItemsTypeContract
Type of the Recovery Item.
Public enumerationSecurityTypeContract
The type of the security for current account.
Public enumerationSessionStateContract
Session states.
Public enumerationSizeUnitContract
Unit measuring types.