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SOS.SDK.Contracts.DataContracts Namespace

This namespace contains all Infrascale Service DataContracts.
Public classAccountInfoContract
Information about signed in account
Public classCountAndSizeContract
Information about quantity and size of the specific group of items.
Public classCredentialsContract
Description of the Credentials.
Public classExclusionFilesSettingsContract
Settings of Exclusion files filter.
Public classExecutorCredentialsContract
Description of the Credentials.
Public classIdentityContract
Identity object of the authorized engine user.
Public classInternetSettingsContract
DataContract with Internet (proxy) settings
Public classOnlineBackupFilterContract
Filter, used for filtering files/directories during Online Backup operation.
Public classServerAuthTokenExpiredContract
Contract for request of new ServerAuthToken for User Account.
Public classThrottlingSettingsContract
Network usage throttling settings.
Public classUserSettingsContract
Contains information about current user account settings.
Public classWindowsCredentialsContract
Contract for windows credentials.
Public interfaceIIdentityContainer
Identity object of the authorized engine user.