Check the power settings for your computer. Windows users can search **Power Options** at the Start menu. You want to make sure that your computer is not going into a Standby, Sleep, Hibernate, or any mode which the computer CPU is at rest (screen monitor off is OK).
If the machine is in a Hibernate mode (or shut down), a scheduled backup will not run even after the machine is turned on. Backup application will wait for the next scheduled run time.
If the machine is in a Sleep (Standby) mode at the scheduled time, the backup task will not wake it up automatically by default. After a customer wakes the machine up, the "postponed scheduled backup" will start immediately.

Easiest Solution: Change OBRM scheduled backup time to run when the computer is most likely to be fully powered on. Press Configure (wrench icon) at main screen to and click Next twice to reach the schedule settings.

Advanced User option: Open Windows Task Scheduler and choose OBRM task. Change the settings to wake the computer from Sleep mode. Feel free to ask our support team to assist with more advanced configurations.