Certain models of HP Proliant servers shipped with a bug in the BIOS that can cause linux based OS to fail to boot properly, and it does so with our cold BMR Disk. To get around this we have to have to do the following.

These instructions are formatted to work using the BMR Flash image.

First, boot the server and get into System Setup by tapping F9.
Once in system setup press CTRL+A to add a Service Options menu.
Inside of service options set "Processor Power Monitoring" to disabled.
Press escape several times and save and exit system setup.

Now we need to boot off of the BMR flash image and modify grub. To do this get the system up to the grub menu, then press any key to interrupt the boot sequence then do the following:

Highlight the resolution you want to boot (it is important not to select the incorrect resolution, If you select a resolution that cannot be displayed the BMR program can crash causing you to start this process over)
Press the "e" key to edit this boot option
Highlight the kernel line
Press the "e" key to edit this boot option
Add the following text (without quotes, but with the space) " edd=off nomodeset"
press enter
press the "b" key to start booting. (this needs to be lower case, "B" will not boot)

From here it should start booting the BMR disk, though it may take a while to actually look like it is.