Affected version

Sometimes after CFA firmware update agent are not push automatically and you can see this error.

Steps to resolve

To resolve this issue you should upgrade your agent manually.

  1. Go to your clients programs and features.

  2. Find and delete all our software.

  3. Reboot your server/host.

  4. Download the latest agent:

    1. Go to web ui of your primary CFA unit.

    2. Go to Clients tab > Software sub-tab and download agent.

  5. Install and run the agent application installer.

  6. Set up agent using wizard. Click next > Automatically locate CFA.

  7. Find and choose your CFA and finish setup, click apply and you may close the agent.

  8. Reboot your client.

  9. Go to search > services and check if all our services are running properly.

Now go to CFA web ui to the clients tab > summary and check if CFA can connect to the remote agent. You must see green tick status, it means that CFA connected to agent successfully.