Issue : Backups do not run on schedule or do not run at all

Possible solutions:

If your scheduled backups are not running there could be a few reasons why.
First, make sure the Backup Application is up to date. Falling behind a few versions on the software may cause regularly scheduled backups to stop occurring.

Be sure your Computer does not have Sleep Mode enabled , or change the backup schedule so that it does not run while the Computer is in sleep mode. If sleep mode is activated while the backup is due to run , it will prevent the backup from running. You can find the Sleep Mode option within the Power Options, which can be found within the Windows Control Panel or by typing Power Options in Windows search (in Windows 10 it says, type here to search by the bottom left). Many users will have short uploads of just a few minutes once their full backup has completed. It is usually busy file servers (business computers) that need to backup when nobody is using them and those servers are most likely set to stay powered on always.

-Was the computer a Windows 7 computer that was upgraded to Windows 10 (and possibly downgraded back to Windows 7)? We have seen this break the Windows Task Scheduler. If you open Windows Task Scheduler a clear symptom of this is seeing pop-ups warning that you have corrupted tasks. Just click OK to each one, some users have many corrupted tasks. Support knows a good third-party tool to fix. Apologize we cannot post it here since I cannot know when this article will expire and any outside application use should be treated carefully.

The above is a few reasons why scheduled backups can stop running on schedule. There can be other reasons such as a service that has stopped (rebooting computer can restart the service or support can assist without rebooting the computer). Please feel free to contact support and have us look into the matter further so we can troubleshoot with you directly and have backups running on time.