Sometimes, the error when providing Microsoft Exchange backup with OBRM may happen: "Writer is in faulty state. Please restart Microsoft Exchange Writer service or reboot the computer." User-added image To check the issue

1 - Open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) under Administrator (option "run as administrator"), then type without quotes: "VSSadmin list writers" Then, check whether the record regarding Exchange writer exists in the output: Writer name: 'Microsoft Exchange Writer'

2 - the writer does not exist, check Services (services.msc) whether the service "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" is running: User-added image - if the writer exists, check its "State". If it is Failed "State: [9] Failed" , schedule restarting of "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" service (notice: it may take time depending on the performance of the server and its load. It is actually the main Exchange service and it affects the e-mails: users are disconnected until service is started back).

3 - Check the state of the writer using "VSSadmin list writers"

4 - If the service restart did not help, schedule rebooting the server.