If you are seeing the below error is highly likely that the Sstorage or Protect.db database is corrupt and needs to be rebuilt.

Easiest Step = Contact support and ask them to fix by rebuilding your database behind C:\ProgramData

For the Do-It-Yourself people. Steps below:
-Close the online backup and make sure it is not running.
-In Windows Explorer go to C:\ProgramData and double-click the folder "Online Backup and Recovery Manager".
-Here you will create a new folder (right-click > New > Folder) and call it what you want. I usually call it "Old DB Files" since that is what will be inserted there.
-Move both the "Sstorage.db" file and "Protect_username_.db" into this new folder.
-Now open the online backup software and login. You will need to reselect your data.

Another way to accomplish this is to uninstall and reinstall the software.

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