A Common reason for this growth is due to data that was backed up to the Cloud, but was then removed from the local PC. By default the backup is "archival" - meaning anything protected will remain in the cloud unless manually deleted OR unless a retention setting is configured.


First, delete the data that is no longer needed from the Cloud .

  1. From a Windows PC/Server, start OBRM
  2. Log into your backup account
  3. Click View / Restore
  4. Now you can right click on any Computer and click Delete, or simply expand to delete folders or files on the right-hand side.

It will take about 5 - 10 minutes for the free space to open up after files are removed from the cloud. Kindly logout and login again to the desktop application to see the changes.

Here here is a quick video which will show you how to delete files from the cloud:

To prevent such an overage occurring again, we recommend using a retention policy. This will help keep the local data and the cloud data in line with one another, while still proving a grace period ( X DAYS) , just in case something is accidentally deleted.

The Retention policy options can be found at the last portion of the Backup Configuration,

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