Reduce protected space on Cloud Failover Appliance

Before reading this article, please refer to the definition of the protected space.

If the protected space on the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) exceeds the purchased protected space, you can reduce it as follows:

  • if a client is protected on both file and folder and DR levels, you might want to use only the DR level protection, unless you need the file and folder protection due to specific requirements.

    We recommend using file and folder protection in the following cases:

    • database backup

    • Microsoft Exchange mailbox backup

    • Microsoft Exchange database backup

  • Delete some clients protected by the CFA. For this:

    1. In the CFA Management Console, go to ClientsEdit.

    2. Select one or more clients.

    3. Click Delete.

  • Modify the backup set of the client.

    Choose only those files and folders that you want to back up, and exclude the others.

    To apply these modifications properly, and thus to actually reduce the protected space, you have to delete all previous backups containing the excluded files and folders.