If your client machine does not have a built in CD-ROM Drive and you will need to boot to live BMR using a USB Flash drive. The following steps will walk you through being able to create a Live BMR USB Flash Disk.
To complete this process you will need the following:
  1. A 1GB or bigger Flash Drive
  2. Your Live BMR CD or Download the correct bit version of BMR needed:
Once you have gathered or downloaded the above requirements, you will need to start your windows command prompt as administrator.
  1. type: diskpart
  2. type: list disk - This will list the disk currently on the system. Make sure to take careful note of the size of the flash drive.
  3. type: select disk (#) - (#) represents the disk number that is your flash drive. It is crucial to select the correct disk, as the following instructions will wipe the disk and may cause a loss of data.
  4. type: clean - this will remove any data from the disk.
  5. type: create partition primary - This will create the boot partition.
  6. type: select partition 1 - Selects the primary partition.
  7. type: active - This will make the partition active.
  8. type: format fs=ntfs quick - This will format the disk into the NTFS format. The "quick" is not needed if you enjoy watching paint dry.
After the last step, you will get the following confirmation when it is complete:
DISKPART > format fs=ntfs quick
100 percent completed
DiskPart successfully formatted the volume.
Once the format is complete, you will need to copy the files from the CD or Download to the Disk.
From the CD it is a simple Copy and Paste from the Drive to the Disk.
From the .iso that was downloaded, you will need to extract the files using an uzipping program. ( I recommend winrar ) Once the files are extracted, you will need to copy the files to the Disk.
After the files have been copied to the Flash Drive, you will need to Safely Prepare the Drive for Removal.
Once removed the Flash Drive is now ready to be used as a BMR Disk.
Important Notes
There is one side effect from using the Live BMR as a Flash Drive. Windows detects the flash drive as an additional drive on the CFA, so when it goes to run the BMR it will error out due to additional drives being on the server. The trick is remove the Flash Drive prior to confirming the Restore of the BMR. Since the OS is loaded to RAM it should not cause any problems. ( Testing has shown that you can remove the Flash Disk sooner after you are able to get to the BMR screen, like at the license screen. If you run into problems please reach out to support. )
If you do forget to remove the flashdrive before the restore starts it will likely fail while preparing the drive it may fail while preparing the drive with "Error Message: VssRestoreJob::PreRestore failed with code 0x80070057"