As our customer, you will have a login to the [Dashboard](){:target=\_blank}.

When you configure the CFA, you'll be presented with the option to register your CFA to your Dashboard for easier access.

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

Use your credentials to log in to the Dashboard.

2. Under the 'Manage' Menu, Select 'CFAs'

At the top of the Dashboard is a horizontal menu bar. Mouse-over 'Manage' then select 'CFAs.'

3. Select "browse/recover" under the Primary or Secondary CFA you'd like to access

The left side of the screen will show all connected Primary CFAs.

The right side of the screen will show all connected Secondary or Cloud Replicated CFAs.

Select "Browse/Recover" under the CFA you'd like to access and you'll be logged into the respective management console.

Primary vs Secondary CFAs - What's the difference?

The CFAs can be setup to work as pairs for additional redundancy and recovery options.

Most of your setup and management will be performed on the Primary CFA and the Secondary CFA is used for Cloudboot or Recovery back to your Primary.

The Primary CFA is what is setup to protect devices on a particular network.

  1. [How to configure a client for the CFA?](how-to-configure-a-client-for-the-cfa-.html){:target=\_blank}
  2. [How to configure a DR Image Backup on the CFA?](how-to-configure-a-dr-image-backup-on-the-cfa-.html){:target=\_blank}</a>
  3. Configure replication and spillover settings
  4. Local Boot VMs on your CFA

The Secondary CFA is the replication target for the primary, and can be in the Infrascale Cloud or to another CFA.

  1. How to Cloud boot your VMs
  2. How to Recover VMs from your Secondary to your Primary