How to limit user rights in the Dashboard?

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When user rights are limited, they will be unable to delete data from the could via the view/restore button on the software client.

User rights are _not limited_
User rights are _limited_

To limit user rights:

  1. Sign in to the Infrascale Dashboard.

  2. Go to ManageBackup AccountsView and Manage Backup Accounts.

  3. Find the backup account you wish to change permissions for.

  4. Click Manage (icon_manage.png), and then click Limit User’s Rights.

When user rights are limited, the only way to delete data off the cloud is to sign in the account as admin using your Dashboard credentials.

Please note, since you cannot sign in as admin when Ultrasafe and Ultrasafe MAX are enabled, you will need to give the user full rights to remove data off of their account.


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