In order to save OBRM configuration (caching options, Cache, backup set) process following steps:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Online Backup and Recovery Manager.

  2. Copy the following files/folders to a temporary folder:

    • config.xml
    • SStorage.db
    • protect_[username].db
    • recover_[username].db
    • [username].Settings.xml
    • Logs folder
    • CsvReports folder
  3. Copy the Cache folder to a temporary location.

    1. Open the backup application Menu > Advanced Options > Folders

      Note the Cache folder location.

    2. Go to the Cache folder, rename “Online Backup Cache” to “Online Backup Cache1” and copy it to a temporary location.

  4. After OBRM is re-installed, move the files copied at step 2 back to the folder C:\ProgramData\Online Backup and Recovery Manager.

    Select Replace option when moving the files/folders back.

    Copy Online Backup Cache1 folder back to the folder where it was located (at Step 3) and rename it back to Online Backup Cache.