The OBRM Android app is able to download a file from the cloud which is great when you are in need of an important file. In regards to a full recovery, the below text introduces the easiest way to get your Android up to date with your valuable data.

When replacing your Android phone your Google account will take care of much of the work and help you out a great deal. OBRM backup backs up Video, Music, and images. The easy way to transfer these cloud files to your phone is to connect your phone to your computer and transfer them. If the old phone still works then you can plug in both phones to your computer and drag the files over using Windows Explorer. If you need the files from the cloud, download and use OBRM. You can recover data to your computer and then drag it over to your Android phone.

Feel free to do an Internet search with certain keywords like “New Android phone transfer data”, and so on. This is a popular topic and a good time to organize your Android device the way you want.