In order to save OBRM configuration (caching options, Cache, backup set) process following steps:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Online Backup and Recovery Manager.

  2. Copy the following files/folders to a temporary folder:

    • config.xml
    • SStorage.db
    • protect_[username].db
    • recover_[username].db
    • [username].Settings.xml
    • Logs folder
    • CsvReports folder

    User-added image

  3. Copy the Cache folder to a temporary location.

    1. Open the backup application Menu > Advanced Options > Folders

      User-added image

      Note the Cache folder location.

    2. Go to the Cache folder, rename “Online Backup Cache” to “Online Backup Cache1” and copy it to a temporary location.

      User-added image

  4. After OBRM application is re-installed, move the files copied at step 2 back to the folder C:\ProgramData\Online Backup and Recovery Manager.

    Select Replace option when moving the files\folders back.

    Copy Online Backup Cache1 folder back to the folder where it was located (at Step 3) and rename it back to Online Backup Cache.