Please see the attached document for information on resetting Change Block Tracking on the Virtual Machine with screenshots.

CBT failed on a Drive

Problem: Change block tracking fails on some VMDKs:

CBT backup failed on drive unknown.0.0. Performing a full backup for this drive com.rvx.vmware.exceptions.VmwareBackupCopyException: Query for changed disk areas threw exception. Make sure the virtual machine's datastore, hardware version, and host version support change block tracking: com.vmware.vim25.FileFault.

Solution: Reset CBT on the Virtual Machine

  1. Power off the VM
  2. Open the Configuration Parameters of the VM. and set all of the CTK fields to false(Screenshot)
  3. Set the ctkEnabled and any scsi0:x.ctkEnabled properties to false.
  4. Browse the datastore where the vm is located and remove any CTK.VMDK files present
  5. Power on the VM
  6. Power off the VM(This is needed to reset the CTK table)
  7. Power on the VM
  8. In most cases it is recommended to run a manual full of the VM at this point to set the new point for CBT to build from