1. In your Internet browser:

    • go to the devices page, and click the name or IP address of your CFA; or

    • enter the IP address of your CFA in the address bar.

  2. Log in to the Management Console with the default credentials:

    1. In the USER NAME box, enter admin.

    2. In the PASSWORD box, enter rvxd2d2d, and then click LOGIN.

  3. In the Registration window:

    1. In the Username box, enter your Dashboard account name.

    2. In the Password box, enter your Dashboard account password.

      infoYou can find your Dashboard account credentials in the email sent to you automatically by our system. Otherwise, contact your partner.
    3. In the Cloud Region drop-down list, click one of the available options. We recommend choosing a region closest to your location, if multiple options are available.

    4. Click Login.

After registration the License Agreement opens. Read it carefully and accept the terms.