The Diagnostics subtab contains, most importantly, the interface to open a Support Tunnel should the Infrascale Support request it. It also contains the CFA logs, which can be viewed on the CFA or downloaded to your desktop. There is also an alternate area to run commands in lieu of the network console.

Diagnostic log viewer

The Diagnostic Log Viewer creates log files for the activity that runs on the system.

To view or down the diagnostic log files, use the dropdown menu to select the log file. Then:

  • To view the log file on the screen, click View Log.

  • To download the log file, click Download Log, and then specify the file destination.

    The formatting of the downloaded logs is not user-friendly; it is recommended to view the logs on the CFA.

infoTo view log files specific to a backup job, use special actions in Jobs > History. (See View Message Logs.)

Remote secure shell access

Enabling this will allow SSH access from your LAN if necessary, and is required for the Infrascale Support to remotely diagnose and fix problems using the Support Tunnel. If this shows Start Sshd, then clicking it will enable and the button will show Stop Sshd.

Secure support tunnel

Use this setting only when Infrascale Support recommends opening a support tunnel. They will assign you a tunnel number to connect to. To start the support tunnel, click Start Remote Tunnel.


As an alternative to using the console, you can use this box to enter commands to run on the CFA. Type the command into the text box, and then click Execute. If the command is successful, a new text box will appear and display the execution results. This area should not be used unless directed by the Infrascale Support.

Submit support request

If you are having problems that you cannot resolve, this is one way for you to submit a request for support. Fill in your contact information and enter a description of the problem, then select Send Configuration Files and click Submit.