When you click the Shared File Sets subtab, the screen displays current file set configurations that can be shared by one or more client configurations.

After you edit the settings for a shareable file set, all client configurations sharing that file set configuration will perform backups using the modified file set.

By default, the Shared File Set subtab screen has the following columns:

Column name Column description
Name Name of the shared file set.
OS Operating system associated with the file set.
Clients Number of clients sharing the file set configuration. The number will vary as client configurations are changed to and from other file set configurations. In order for the shareable file set to be deleted, the number of clients must be zero.
No Full On Change Whether a full backup should be forced after the file set configuration is changed. If a check mark appears, the client will try to run the next scheduled or manual job without reverting to a full backup.
Volume Shadow Copy Whether the given sharable file set configuration will employ volume shadow copy capabilities when available for the particular client’s operating system.
Starting Directories and Files Starting backup point for clients sharing a given file set configuration.

File set operations

All operations, which can be performed for the file sets, are shown in the actions bar, or in the file set context menu.

Create new file set

  1. Click New.

  2. Enter the name and select the operating system for the shared file set.

Edit a shared file set

To edit a file set, click the desired file set, and then click Edit.

File set clients

To view a list of clients using a shared file set, click the desired file set, and then click Show Clients in the actions bar.

Delete a shared file set

To delete a shared file set, make sure no clients are associated with the file set, click the desired file set, and then click Delete in the actions bar.