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Add Microsoft Hyper-V connection to Cloud Failover Appliance

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Summary: Add connection to Microsoft Hyper-V to the Cloud Failover Appliance.

Before adding a Hyper-V connection, make sure you have:

To add a Hyper-V connection to CFA:

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to ClientsHyper-V.

  2. Click Add Connections.

  3. In the Login group:

    1. From the Windows Client drop-down list, select the client you created for the Hyper-V host.

      If you have not created a client previously, click Add New Client and follow instructions to create one.

    2. In the Description box, enter optional description for the connection, and then click Next.

  4. In the Registration group:

    1. Select if you want to automatically register VMs hosted on the Hyper-V host with CFA.

      Before a VM can be backed up, it must be registered with CFA. Upon registering a VM, CFA creates a local client for the VM used to manage and control backup and restore operations.

      You can also register VMs manually later.

    2. Click View VM Client Defaults to view the default configuration settings used when registering a VM.

      You can change configuration settings for individual VM clients later.

  5. Click Finish to add the Hyper-V connection.

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