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Back up Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine

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Summary: Back up a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine on the cloud failover appliance.

Infrascale Disaster Recovery supports agentless backup of Hyper-V virtual machines (VM). This means you need to install DR backup agent only on the Hyper-V host, but not on each individual VM.


Boot, restore, and browse and restore are not supported for VM checkpoints.

To set up and configure backup of a Hyper-V VM:

  1. Create client for the Hyper-V host.

  2. Install DR backup agent on the Hyper-V host.

  3. Pair DR backup agent installed on the Hyper-V host with CFA.

  4. Add Hyper-V connection to CFA.

  5. Register VM for backup.

  6. Review and change VM client configuration if needed.


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