wb_incandescent For complete Dashboard release notes, see the archive.

Performance of total license calculation.

Some users were not able to sign in to their backup accounts in the Dashboard.

Cloud Application Backup: ConnectWise billing for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange.

DR Sites & Appliances: Editable column – Purchased Protected GB, which shows the overall purchased protected space in gigabytes; Protected Primary and Protected Secondary columns now show the relevant percent of space based on data specified in the Purchased Protected GB column.

Minor UI flaws in the Advanced Folder Backup settings.

ConnectWise Ticketing: Occasional tickets, previously created with empty Summary and Notes, are generated properly now.

Autotask Ticketing: Unable to save ticketing settings without configuration items matching condition.

Sometimes scroll bar appeared when it was not needed.

DR Sites & Appliances: Manage button has been hidden for inactive appliances.

Autotask Ticketing: Ticket auto-close – added ability to select which Closed ticket gets set to through the integration if initial backup issue is resolved.

Web API: Implemented Cloud Application Backup provisioning method.

UI improvements: the Manage button was replaced with the gear icon.