Integration credentials

First of all, you have to provide the integration credentials to connect your Infrascale Dashboard account.

In ConnectWise Automate Control Center:

  1. Click System > Configuration > Dashboard.

  2. Go to Config > Integration.

  3. On the Infrascale Configuration tab:

    1. In the Web Api Username box, enter your web API username.

    2. In the Web Api Password box, enter your web API password.

      info Currently, there is no automatic way to obtain the Web Api Username and Web Api Password. To get these, please contact Infrascale Support.
    3. In the Dashboard User box, enter your Infrascale Dashboard username.

    4. Click Save and close Solution Center.

  4. Restart any open ConnectWise Automate Control Center instances to apply the settings.

Clients/companies mapping

After providing the integration credentials, you have to match your ConnectWise Automate clients with Infrascale companies.

In ConnectWise Automate Control Center:

  1. Right-click the name of a client, and then click Open.

  2. On the Infrascale tab, from the Infrascale Company (Client) drop-down list, select the relevant company.

    info Optionally, you can also select Auto-install backup agent during onboarding to deploy the backup agent to each computer in the client.
  3. Click Save Mapping.