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Back up data using Online Backup and Recovery Manager for macOS

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Summary: Set up and manage file and folder backups in Online Backup and Recovery Manager for macOS.

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Configure backup

To set up and manage backup of files and folders:

  1. Open Online Backup and Recovery Manager (OBRM), and sign in to your Infrascale Cloud Backup account.

  2. Go to the Backup tab.

Add files and folders to backup

To add files and folders to backup:

  1. Under the list of files and folders, click Add (backup-add-button.png).

  2. Select a file or a folder to include in backup, and then click Add.

Remove files and folders from backup

To remove files and folders from backup:

  1. In the list of files and folders, select an item to remove from backup.

  2. Under the list of files and folders, click Remove (backup-remove-button.png).

Schedule backup

  1. Under the list of files and folders, click Schedule.

  2. From the Run scheduled backup drop-down list, select an interval to run the backup at, and then set its value.

    Interval Description
    Off Do not run backup on schedule
    Repeat interval Run backup every specific number of seconds, minutes, or hours
    Every hour Run backup every hour at specific minute
    Every day Run backup every day at specific time
    Day of week Run backup on one or more days of the week at specific time
    Day of month Run backup on specific day of the month at specific time
  3. Click OK to save changes.

Configure backup reports

In the Email backup reports settings group:

  • From the drop-down list, select when to send backup reports.

    Option Description
    Don’t send Do not send any reports at all
    Send after every run Send report after each backup
    Only send on errors Send report if backup fails or completes with errors
  • In the box below, enter email address to send backup reports to.

    You can enter multiple email addresses separated by comma or semicolon.

View backup progress and status

Backup progress and status are shown in the Progress window after the backup starts.

If you want to view the report for a specific backup, click the respective cell in the Status column.

To view the details of the backup report, click More (backup-report-details.png) to expand information.

Delete backup data from the cloud

You can delete backed up devices, files, and folders stored in the cloud. For this:

  1. Go to the Recovery tab.

  2. Locate and select a device, a file, or a folder to delete from the cloud.

  3. Click Delete.

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